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Kohler Santa Rosa Comfort Height Review

How the bathroom of a house looks and appeals reflects the whole house in general. A good bathroom area with a nice toilet can say a lot about the house and the occupants of the house as well. It says whether the occupants are careful about detail or if they disregard them.A toilet is one […]

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Kohler Wellworth Classic Review

Bathrooms are among our most important areas of the house where it is imperative that we put work and effort to make sure it looks wonderful and inviting.Toilets being part of the whole bathroom scenario can be a difficult and often frustrating search if you are to find the right toilet that does what it […]

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TOTO B100 Washlet Review

In the line of toilets and other toilet accessories, there is no other brand on the market that beats Toto. The company provides you with very high-quality products that make your bathroom experience the best.Currently, there are so many innovations taking place to simply the daily life. One of the best innovations that maximize bathroom […]

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TOTO Drake 2-piece Toilet Review

TOTO Drake 2piece Toilet has that powerful flushing action. It is one of the highest pressure flashes among the other top brand toilets. I have used it for quite some time, and it has never disappointed me.I don’t have to worry about bulk waste removal since it does the job perfectly and efficiently. I can […]

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TOTO Ultramax Elongated Toilet Review

Usually, I’m very keen when it comes to cleanliness, and yes I don’t see it as a huge of a problem. Some of my friends even call me a clean-freak, so I always expect my house to be neat and clean all the time. And so should my toilet room too.I can’t stand the site […]

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