Smart Tips on the Bathroom Scales

Body fitness is an awesome thing to track. One way to maintain a physically fit body is to maintain ideal weight. Any unnecessary weight gained should therefore be shed off. One way to monitor your weight is to use a bathroom scales.

Bathroom scales are no longer the old clunky machines that we used to know, hell no! Today scales are sleek, fancy devices that you could easily install into your home and could be used much more than just to tell what your weight is.

Key Features of the Bathroom Scales

In case you are out to choose the ​quality bathroom scales for your use, it is important that you’d understand the key features that the best scales come with. Here are some features to go with.

Easy to Read

High readability is an efficient feature to go with. The ​top bathroom scales should be easy to read. Analog machines can be hard to read. However, the modern machines come with digital readings, large and easy to read LCDs. So watch out for a clear and easy to understand display.

High Accuracy

Why do you invest in a bathroom scale? To tell what your weight is. If this is the case would you go for a false reading or an accurate reading? I guess everyone would go for the later. You want your weight accurately measured and relayed to you. This is important. Therefore accuracy is key.

The Right Size

The scale that you choose to use should be wide enough, sturdy, and big enough to accommodate you. The truth is that if you choose a scale with a little performance space, it will not measure your weight accurately. Additionally, it could easily break and leaving you with wasted money.

Water Proof

Humidity resistant is what I mean. Many people keep their bathroom scales in the shower area just as the name suggests. In there, sometimes it could get really steamy. Under such conditions, a bad scale will easily start malfunctioning especially when they come to contact with extra heat.

Additional Use

The modern bathroom scales are becoming much more than just the body weight scales. There are scales that today will provide weather forecast, body fat analysis, and many other additional things. Make sure that your bathroom scale can provide one or two more functionality to go with.

Testing if your Bathroom Scales are Working Correctly

The main reason we buy bathroom scales is right now evident. We use them to track our weight. If we want the right picture on how we are doing we will require having an accurate scale. An accurate scale must work correctly. Here are a few simple tips that can help you determine that.

Zero the Scale

Certain scales require to be zeroed out to perform really accurately. This can be done in two main ways. If you have an analog scale you could press down on the scale with your thumb and then lift the scale up. The dial will automatically level zero. You can also use the turn wheel.

Turn wheel will be found at the bottom of the analog scale or near the dial. If you have a digital scale, follow the same process. However, don’t do it to the end. Instead of using a turn wheel you will use a digital button. For most digital scales the digital button is usually found at the bottom.

Weigh Familiar Object

The small gas cylinder weighs 6 kg. The cooking fat weighs 500 grams. These are some of the objects that we use every day. You could also try a bag or packet of sugar. Go with manageable objects that you know their weights. Such consistent weights on your scale should tell you is the scale is correct.

Weigh One Object Many Times

Another way to test if your bathroom scale is faulty or not is to weigh one object multiple times. You should be able to determine a faulty device by doing this. Most faulty devices will give you different readings. However, ​good bathroom scales will remain quite consistent in their reading.


If you want to make sure that your bathroom scales are really accurate you could also push them to the limit. Larger weights will test a scales endurance and when redone will determine the accuracy of the scale if it remains consistent.

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