Sterling Toilet Reviews: Top 3 Selection for You

Sterling is a sister concern of a reputed brand named Kohler. This sanitary product manufacturer manufactures different types of bathroom and kitchen room appliances that resemble the quality of the mother brand.

Best Sterling Toilet – Comparison


Product Name

Weight (pounds)

Water Consumption


STERLING 402025-0


1.6 GPF

STERLING 402028-0


0.8 GPF

STERLING 402088-0


0.8 GPF

Sterling products are tough, beautiful and easy to install. These are all three qualities that a buyer expects from a particular product.

Whether you are a trade professional, a DIY enthusiast, or looking for a durable and beautiful product for your house or office, Sterling has what you need.

From a good number of product portfolios of Sterling, we have reviewed only the toilets here. Along with the review, we also have discussed a repairing hack for the users. We hope if you are planning to buy a new Sterling toilet, you will find our words helpful.

Top 3 Sterling Toilet Reviews

We have reviewed and covered the key benefits of top three Sterling toilets, later we also mentioned the highlighted features for your quick evaluation.

All these three toilets are very close to each other in terms of service providing ability. Nevertheless, analyzing all the factors we discussed, pick the one that resembles your needs best.

1. STERLING 402025-0

This STERLING 402025 is a bathroom solution for the people who are looking for a minimalistic compact toilet for their daily household or official usages. This Kohler product has simple yet likable outlook. Choosing the toilet for installation, a user can save both of his utility bills as well as repairing cost. It is powered with dual flush technology as well as durable production material.

STERLING 402025-0

The toilet allows you to operate your flush according to the waste in the bowl. That means you can flush half after urinating and full after evacuating. A dual flush technology that is integrated inside the tank will ensure your smooth operation of both flushing.

In this toilet, the dual flush system ensures more control of the user on the flush as well as on the noise-free operation of the flush. So, unlike other brands toilet, the user doesn’t have to tolerate any loud sound staying inside the bathroom.

This Sterling toilet is made with crafted A-grade vitreous material. As a result, the user of this toilet will enjoy durable service for years without any damage. Also, because of this top-grade material, the overall toilet gets a non-porous glossy finishing.

Bowl of this toilet gets a round shape. This kind of shape is good for limited or insufficient space installation. The inner part of the bowl is also powered with a super slippery surface. After the use, when you flush, all the waste will be removed smoothly without leaving any marks.

Highlighted Features

  • The overall glossy finishing makes sure that the toilet looks as well as functions better.
  • Silent dual flush technology ensures maximum utilization of stored water.
  • First class manufacture materials let you use a single toilet for a long time.

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2. STERLING 402028-0

This toilet can be the right choice for the users who are looking for a model from the Kohler that has both traditional and modern appeals. Apart from the design and functional features like water saving and liquid prevention technology, you will enjoy durable service from this toilet. Moreover, a combination of some top quality materials has used to shape this sleek style toilet.

STERLING, a KOHLER Company 402028-0

In some toilets, you may have seen the water is flowing from the tank by drop or after flushing the backend portion of the tank gets wet. To prevent this kind of unwanted situation, Sterling attached a sanitary guard to the toilet tank, it will prevent liquid getting under the tank.

Choosing the high profile toilet, you can contribute to the revolution of saving water for the future generation at the same time save your pocket money. The dual force technology can save around 24000 gallons of water of an average family with 4 members with the option of 0.8 gallons per flush!

It doesn’t matter what age group members are in your family. Anyone can easily use this flush after his/her evacuation is done. Manufacturer placed two in one switch system in the upper panel of the tank so that everyone can easily identify and operate the flush.

This toilet also features 12-inch rough-in, which is the most used measurement of the toilet. Having this, you can perfectly install your toilet any corner of the house without sacrificing the beauty of the toilet. Also, balanced rough-in will allow you to use your toilet comfortably around the day.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a durable glossy finishing that matches with both traditional and modern washroom setups.
  • Features an easy to operate environment-friendly flushing technology for the smooth operation.
  • Elongated toilet bowl will ensure comfortable sitting for its users.

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3. STERLING 402088-0

The part that makes this model different from our previous two models of Sterling is its design of the tank. While other two had overall smooth surface, this one has some extended part from the two ends along with the place of the dual flush switch.

best sterling toilet

Again, people who love traditional design also like to add some modern touch to their bathrooms’ decoration may add this one to their bucket list.

Using the toilet, the adult persons of your family will enjoy some extra comfort. It features an elongated bowl along with an extended rim length. This extension of space will create more room for relaxed sitting on the bowl.

Just like the other two selections of our list, this model is also driven by dual flush technology. Having this technology in your toilet, you can do your toilet regular cleaning with the perfect amount of water. For example, to remove soft and liquid waste, you can flush less water, and for the hard waste, you can go for more water flow.

All over the body of this toilet has a glassy covering, which is also done with first-grade production materials. As a result, after cleaning the toilet it will be easy for you to revive the newness of the toilet.

Operating a lever featured toilet may be a matter of confusion for some people during the selection of half and full flush. But, in this toilet, anyone can easily choose the right option for flowing the right amount of water. Simply, push the larger one for a full and smaller one for a half flush.

Highlighted features

  • Features a glossy outer covering along with a modern curved tank design.
  • Easily operable flushing system will make water saving a clear task for everyone.
  • Extended rim length will offer extra comfort for the seniors.

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How to Replace a Toilet Fill Valve Step by Step?

Discovering the flush out of work after evacuation is undoubtedly an embossing situation to anyone.

The embracement goes even bitter when your guest or you as a guest find the flush is not working! However, if you take care of your flush regularly, you can save yourself as well as your guest from being embraced.

In general, a user should replace his toilet flush fill valve after every five years, after this time frame, the parts of the valve start worning out. When your valve goes out of normal function, you may experience some problems. Such as:

  • Water keeps running.
  • Tank makes a screeching sound.
  • Toilet won’t flush or flush completely.
  • It takes forever for the tank to refill!

However, among these disheartening truth, the best part is anyone can easily replace his/her fill valve just following a few steps. If you want to replace your tank’s valve by yourself, you can follow the below steps.

Step-1: Prepare for the replacement

As a preparation, you have to buy the right size fill bulb from the market, keep a wrench at your, keep a piece of cloth/sponge, and an empty box just at your fingertip.

Step-2: Turn off the water supply

At the beginning of the replacement, you must turn off the water supply line. As you are going to work with a part that is involved in filling and flowing water, you have to keep it out of the reach of further water to do your job perfectly. You can do this simply turning the waterline lever in a clockwise motion.

Step-3: Flush the tank

For the replacement work, you will need a dry inner environment, so remove the water fully flushing the tank. After flushing, still, there may be some water inside the tank, soak this water with a towel or piece of cloth or a sponge.

Step-4: Unscrew the water hose

With the help of a wrench, unscrew the nut that holds the water hose from the bottom of the water tank. When the nut gets loose, pull it apart from the bottom of the toilet’s fill valve. Sometimes this nut is made of plastic, so when you loosen it, rotate it with care.

Step-5: Remove the fill valve

At this stage, place an empty box under the tank hole to prevent your carpet or floor from being wet. Now, after pulling the lock ring, slowly pull the valve from its base and remove the refill tube from the overflow pipe.

Step-6: Height adjustment

Before adjusting the new fill valve, adjust the height according to your need. As the toilet tank’s size is different from one another, you have to be careful about it.

Step-7: New valve installation

Take the new valve and insert its base exactly the same place where the old one belonged. Now, secure this valve by a nut from the below end of the tank. Tighten the nut as much as you can.  After that, Insert the new refill tube into the same overflow pipe where the old tube was placed, finally, snap down the lock ring under the valve.

Step-8: Reattachment of the water supply line 

If you can successfully complete all the above steps, move to the reestablishment of the water supply line. Simply take the opening of the supply line and attach it with the outer opening of the fill valve. Secure this attachment tightly so that water can flow uninterruptedly from the line to the tank. For the assurance, flush the toilet and check the water levels whether it backs to its normal state or not.

Last Words

As you have read all of our words we can assume that you are already a Sterling fan.

Interestingly, we have also written this content for the Sterling fans not to educate them about Sterling, just to help them choose the right one toilet for themselves among many best products, and we hope you can now do it precisely.

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