The Guide to Portable Toilets

Not all portable toilets perform efficiently. Some brands are just shams. This guide that we provide today will help you to choose between the ​portable toilets and the good for nothing options. Read along to find a portable toilet that will really suit your personal lifestyle and needs.

What are Portable Toilets?

Portable toilets are any types of toilets that you can easily carry around. You can carry them in the trunk of your vehicles. You may carry them for hiking and camping. And you may carry them for outdoor picnics and parties.

When Can you Use Portable Toilets

Like we have seen, the portable toilets are therefore the most convenient options for everyone. They are simple to use and also easy to carry. Here are a number of ways a portable toilet will come in handy for you and family.

  • For outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and picnics.
  • It will come in handy for long car trips when there are no restrooms along the way.
  • They are convenient for kids who can’t wait for the day long trip to ease themselves.
  • Great/ handy for anyone who is ill and cannot walk very far to ease themselves too.
  • Convenient for bedside layout for kids, elderly guys, and people with special needs.
  • Good for use in parks, festivals, and fairs where there are no suitable toilet facilities.

Considerations when Purchasing Portable Toilets

Like we said before, not all portable toilets will perform the same. And not every buyer will afford the priciest portable toilet. In this case, it is only sane that you make a wise choice when buying the ​good portable toilet. Here are some of the most important considerations to go with.


The ​right portable toilets might cost you more. But it could come with other additional functionalities such as ease of use, high style stability, and ability to keep odors at minimum. Nonetheless, you should still consider the price and compare it with your budget to see if you can afford it.

Ease of Use

Is your toilet easy to use? Remember this is not a permanent toilet. It is temporary – the more reason it should be really easy to use. Look for a portable toilet that easily sets up and one that takes down quickly. It should also allow you to empty the contents easily and without a mess.


How portable is your toilet? Portable toilets get their names from the fact that they can be easily carried around. Without this ability, it no longer becomes a portable toilet. Very heavy toilets and large toilets (toilets that cover huge spaces) are not ideal. Rather look for ability to fold up small.


The ability to keep odors at minimal is also very important. Not only is it important in keeping a healthy environment for everyone around the car, campsite, picnic, home, or truck but also in showing that the contents are very much secured under the toilet bowl. Consider this option.


You don’t want a portable toilet that is not comfortable to use. The toilet should not be a waiting time bomb. Instead it should be comfortable at the seat and stable at the base. Certain type of portable toilets will even come with backrests as an additional option for providing comfort.

The other consideration that you could also make is finding out if the toilet is self contained. What this means is that if it has an independent compartment for wastes. Again you could also consider how easy it is to keep it clean.

Types of Portable Toilets

There are so many types of portable toilets that we can choose from. The most common types of portable toilets that we have today will include the following.

  • Bucket Toilets
  • Collapsible Toilets
  • Portable Flush Toilets


Your choice of the toilet to use heavily depends on your types of lifestyle, the area you are visiting, the type of activity you will be having, and the number of people who will be using the toilet. You should therefore make sure that you put all these tips into consideration before you choose your portable toilet.

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