Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Every Home’s Best Friend

​At the thought of a toilet, the first thing that runs through your mind is filth. Well, it doesn’t always have to be this way. The truth is a toilet is one of the most frequented areas in a home. And because of this, toilets can get awfully dirty. They can become a major source of bacteria, germs, and overtime diseases. But with proper cleaning, it is easy to maintain high style hygiene and keep germs away from your toilet.

​What is a Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

​One major way that has been used to keep toilets clean is the use of a toilet bowl cleaner. Toilet bowl cleaners work with various detergents and disinfectants to keep many home toilets clean and free from germs.

​And what actually is a toilet bowl cleaner? Usually, this is a simple detergent that is either homemade or processed to aid in the cleaning of toilet bowls. Its major ingredients include hydrochloric acid, sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and more often chlorine bleach.

​For a friendlier homemade version a home owner can always use a small space bottle to combine vinegar and essential oil and later on spray the vinegar mixture inside the toilet bowl before cleaning.

​For the mixture to have the same effect as an over the counter toilet bowl cleaner, home owners should allow the mixture to sit for about 30 minutes in the toilet bowl before sprinkling baking soda in the bowl, and scrub using a toilet brush.

​Main Types of Toilet Bowl Cleaners

​Apart from the homemade version, we have two major types of toilet cleaners that one can often choose from. They are manufactured and can be easily bought over the counter. They include:

​Gels Cleaners

​Gels will come in form of thick and viscous liquids. The liquid is usually applied across, inside, or along the bowl’s rim to loosen up stuck dirt before you scrub off. Gels are usually bottled and have customized squeezing regulators to help with the application.

​Tablets Cleaners

​Tablets and drop balls cleaners are also ideal. They are solid in nature and come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. They are easy to use. All you need to do is drop them in the tank or in the bowl and they will clean up with every flush. Tabs are made of chemicals that will kill bacteria and any germs.

​Why Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner for your Toilet?

​Typically, there are many benefits to using a toilet cleaner. Some of the most common ones include the following.

High affordability: Toilet cleaners don’t cost much. This is a good way of getting more for less and cutting overall toilet cleaning costs along the way.

Kill Bacteria/Germs: Toilet cleaners are designed to kill germs and keep your toilet clean. This is a great way to keep both you and your loved ones safe and free from diseases.

Save time/ energy: If you want to scrub your toilet bowl without applying a cleaner, the tough stains will not loosen easily. This will force you to use more energy and take a longer time cleaning.

Simple DIY plan: Using a toilet cleaner doesn’t really require any form of expertise. You can use it with a one touch application right from the shop.

Refresh the Toilet: Toilet cleaners come with different fragrance that you can choose from. This fragrance is meant to keep your toilet smelling fresh and lovely. It makes the toilet a really likable place.

​Buying Consideration for the Toilet Bowl Cleaner

​With many brands of toilet bowl cleaners gracing our shelves today, it is really important that you take your time to choose the very best toilet cleaner to go with. Always consider the following factors.


​The right price is the key. How much does your toilet cleaner costs? Is it within your set budget? Can you continuously afford it? These are important considerations affecting the price that you will have to contend with if you want to actually get a budget friendly cleaner for your home toilet.


​We have talked about tablets and gels. Choosing what is best for your needs is always important. The type you choose depends on how you want your toilet cleaned. Many people love gels as they are easy to apply. Tablets are also great since they are automatic and you don’t have to touch.


​How long would your cleaner last? Many tabs last up to 3 months. Gels will take weeks. The longer the time frame the better it is for your budget. If you are working on a budget or if you don’t want to keep ordering for toilet cleaners every now and then, get something that will last too.


​User reviews give a firsthand experience from someone that used the cleaner before you.  Expert reviews and straight up user reviews are as important as recommendations from loved ones. You should therefore pay a very close attention to them.

​The Plus

​Apart from cleaning, killing bacteria, and keeping germs away what else does your bowl cleaner provide you with? A great fragrance for the best deodorizing effect; or is it an insect and fly killer? Such a plus is worth a buy.


​What do you really need for your toilet cleaning? Do you want to only disinfect your toilet? Do you want to clean your toilet and walk away? Do you want to leave your toilet with a fresh fragrance? Your needs determines if you will buy a plain, deodorized, or bleaching toilet cleaner.


​In order to continue keeping your toilet clean you should learn how to clean your toilet. You can always wipe the rim down after every use, cover the bowl, use toilet cleaners when cleaning, and scrub whenever cleaning your home toilet.


​Too much chemicals are too harsh for your health and also the environment. They pollute the area. You should therefore look for an eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaner for your use. They will keep you safe.

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