10-Inch Rough-In Toilet

Best 10-Inch Rough-In Toilets 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Most people don’t bat an eye while choosing toilet sets. However, if you’re someone who takes the matter of choosing the good type toilet set seriously, you have my respect. I don’t know why people don’t realize that having the right piece of toilet is also a part of home decor too. If you have … Read more

Square Toilet

Best Square Toilet Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

As you care about every room and space of your house, you need to make sure your bathroom looks perfect as well. Many people can’t just stand old toilets. The bathroom can look great, but if your toilet isn’t good enough, it can give your guests the creeps. If your bathrooms have great looking toilets, … Read more

Tankless Toilet

Best Tankless Toilet Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

If you want to have the ultimate experience of poshness, futuristic style and high-tech features in your bathroom, the importance of setting a tankless toilet has no alternative. It’s fashionable, it’s unique and the best part is it makes your life easier. You don’t have to go manual if you spend a bit of your … Read more

Ceramic Toilet

Top 3 Best Ceramic Toilet Reviews and Buying Guide

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12-Inch Rough-in Toilet

Top 3 Best 12-Inch Rough-in Toilet Reviews for 2021

Like our homes need different types of furniture as decor, our bathroom needs the perfect looking toilet too. You cannot ignore your bathroom just because it’s a ‘bathroom’, can you? Obviously, just like you want everyone to admire other areas of your house, you want them to admire your bathroom as well. Just like getting … Read more

Toilet Under 300

Best Toilet Under $300 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2021

When it comes to toilets, I want to make sure I got the best one as I got hygiene issues. If you invite me to your house and I see all the disgusting stains, molds and mildews in your toilet, I would rather hold my pee. Not just me, there are lots of people who … Read more

High Tank Pull Chain Toilet

The Best High Tank Pull Chain Toilet Reviews of 2021

Not everyone wants to have a taste of modern gears. There’s always someone in the crowd who loves it old-fashioned. If you’re someone who still prefers the Gran Torino from the 70s, you’re less likely to fall in love with products that come with advanced technology and futuristic look. Some people love to decorate their … Read more

Two-Piece Toilet

Best Two-Piece Toilet Reviews for 2021

Imagine a situation where you are a guest in one of your friend’s house. Suddenly, you feel the urge to visit the bathroom. The moment you enter and look at the toilet there, it creeps you out and you waste no time getting out of there. This same thing can happen in your own home … Read more

Pressure Assisted Toilet

Best Pressure Assisted Toilets – Reviews & Buying Guide (2021)

When it is about buying a traditional toilet, probably you will get a bunch of textual and verbal suggestions around you. But, the situation goes slightly difficult when you want to buy a best pressure assisted toilet for your house or office space. Choosing a pressure driven toilet is undoubtedly a wise decision, because this … Read more

One-Piece Toilet

Best One-Piece Toilets 2021: Top Picks & Buying Guide

Are you searching for a toilet that will fit your modern bathroom decor? Just like your home needs perfect furniture, your bathroom needs a perfect looking toilet. The presence of a premium looking toilet can change the whole aura of your bathroom. If you want compactness and easy cleaning, I will suggest you pick a … Read more