TOTO B100 Washlet Review

In the line of toilets and other toilet accessories, there is no other brand on the market that beats Toto. The company provides you with very high-quality products that make your bathroom experience the best.

Currently, there are so many innovations taking place to simply the daily life. One of the best innovations that maximize bathroom hygiene and gives users convenience is the introduction of washlets.

One of the best washlets that greatly solves my hygiene needs is the TOTO B100 Washlet. I cannot explain the love that I have for this product. The fact that it comes from a reputable seller, comes with the best features and provides satisfaction are some of the things that make the product great in my bathroom.

Therefore, I’m giving you a full review of this highly rated washlet that will solve your hygiene needs too. You can get more details about this durable washlet that will provide you with the best bathroom experience than before.

Electrical Connection

The left side of the washlet features an electrical connection facing outwards. This means that you can get warm rinse every time after using the toilet. The good thing is that it is energy efficient, so you no longer have to spend more money on electricity bills.

Easy Installation

The installation of the washlet is simple. People who have bought this toilet have provided positive reviews about how easy it is to install it. The washlet is also designed with very easy controls making it easy to use for everybody.

Dual-Action Spray Nozzle

With this toilet model, it will be very easy to maintain it clean as new. The dual action spray nozzles feature self-cleaning features, and this makes maintaining the toilet clean easy. Because it can self-clean itself before and after use, your toilet will always be in the right condition all the time.

Ergonomic Seat

The ergonomic seat provides comfort for most users. Despite the fact that this is not the largest toilet out there, everybody will find it very ideal using. This seat is also heated and has temperature control, and this adds more comfort.

Adjustable Water And Volume Temperature

It is also easy to adjust the volume and temperature of water to your liking. You can set the temperature of the warm water flowing through the nozzle to get the best cleaning. Additionally, the water can also be sprayed depending on the volume that you require. When you want to stop the water flow, you just need to turn off the button.


  • It is easy to install
  • It has an ergonomic seat design that provides seating comfort
  • The washlet is easy to use
  • The presence of a washlet eliminates the use of tissue paper
  • It is strong and durable
  • It has a heated seat with temperature controls


  • It is not the largest model you will come across
  • Sometimes the toilet washers might leak

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: For those people who have bought this product, how was the installation process?

A: We bought this washlet some months ago, and my husband did not have trouble installing it. I don’t think the process is complicated.

Q: I wanted to find out whether this washlet will fit well on the toilet seat or it is designed to fit on the lieu of the seat toilet.

A: The piece is in lieu of the toilet seat. All you need to do is to remove the normal toilet seat, and it will be in place.

Q: Does this Toto toilet have a drier?

A: This is the best washlet that I have used so far, and it works well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a drier.

Final Words

As you can deduce from the review, this is ultimately the best washlet that is durable and comes with excellent features. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have some high-end features found in other models like the presence of a drier and a smell removal filter, this product has everything else that you need in a basic model.

The washlet is not hard on your budget, and with the good features that are included, this is a nice toilet that you can think of buying.

The Toto Washlet is also easy to install and use, and you will also have a nice time maintaining it. Overall, this is a unit worth installing in your bathroom, and you will get full functionality.

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