TOTO Drake 2-piece Toilet Review

TOTO Drake 2piece Toilet has that powerful flushing action. It is one of the highest pressure flashes among the other top brand toilets. I have used it for quite some time, and it has never disappointed me.

I don’t have to worry about bulk waste removal since it does the job perfectly and efficiently. I can comfortably have heavy meals for dinner because my TOTO Drake 2-piece toilet makes sure to rid the bowl of any splatter. The business gets well taken care of.

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My kids can use the toilet and flush it with ease; I don’t have to do it for them. This toilet is very easy to maintain, and the kids can do it themselves.

The toilet needs just a gentle cleaning since they are always sparkling. It doesn’t clog making it very easy to clean. It is labeled as the best flusher and stands out from the other types of toilets.

High-Quality Parts

TOTO Drake has quality parts inside and out that are not easily broken and also lasts for a long period than you expect.

The bowl and the tank are made of strong material so that they cannot break easily. You don’t have to worry on how you will replace the parts after they spoil because that is not going to happen. They are of the best quality.


We all would like to use toilets that are durable or rather lasts long. This is because it changing toilets more often is hectic.

I would recommend the TOTO Drake 2-piece Toilet because it is designed in such a way that it will serve you for more than you expect. It does last long, and it is not broken easily. It remains in a good state for a long period.

High Profile Design

The toilet Drake is designed in such a way that it is attractive and eye-catching. The design is the best and is also unique from the other types of toilets. We all love beautiful designs, and we love to possess products of beautiful designs.

Toilet Drake bowl and tank are greatly design to attract potential buyers such that when you look at it all you want is purchase it.


TOTO Drake doesn’t cost a lot. It is affordable and worth every money that you put into purchasing the product.

I am budget conscious, and I was afraid to spend my money on purchasing the toilet but the customer reviews I read made me change my mind. I dug into my savings and purchased it, and I don’t regret purchasing it.

Fast Flush

TOTO Drake toilet has a surprising flush power. It can handle the bulk in a fraction of a second. It flushes an unusually large amount without clogging giving you an easy task when cleaning it.

It employs a direct water flow rather that a circular water flow. The fast flush uses little water and still gets the job well done leaving the bowl sparkling clean.


  • High profile design
  • Powerful flush
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Easy to install
  • Quiet and efficient


  • Poor enamel at water line of bowl

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the tank ceramic or insulated?

A: The tank is solid ceramic.

Q: What is the height measurements of the bowl of the TOTO Drake 2-piece Toilet and does it come with a seat?

A: When I purchased mine, I saw that the bowl height was 15 inches and it didn’t come with a  toilet seat.

Q: Does the TOTO Drake comes only in white or are there other available colors?

A: Majority of them are white in color there are rarely other types of colors available.

Final Verdict

TOTO Drake is perfect for you. From all the customer reviews seen, majority of the customers agree with me that this kind of toilet is the one you are looking for and looking to purchase.

It is worth the purchase since it doesn’t disappoint, it works effectively the way you would want it to, and it will serve you for as long as you need since it is very much durable.

Spend your money on it, and you won’t regret a dime. Get rid of that toilet that has you complaining about poor services and purchase the TOTO Drake 2-piece toilet and install it in seconds.

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