TOTO Ultimate Elongated One Piece Toilet Review

The bathroom makes among the most important aspects of the house that give it the essence of a great and wonderful home. Is it not wonderful to walk into a washroom whose toilet not only smells nice but looks great and inviting?

You are never afraid of inviting visitors to use your washroom because you are confident they will be satisfied and on top of that, they will love it without a doubt. What makes a great toilet that stands out from all the rest of toilets out there? Lots of things. Size, height, color, flushing system among others.

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A good toilet that serves its functions great and performs even better than usual everyday toilets is hard to come by, however as you may have guessed, the search has come to a pleasant end.

The TOTO Ultimate Elongated One Piece Toilet is your solution to this wonderful toilet that will make your bathroom your most favorite room of the house.

Sleek High Profile One Piece Toilet

A one piece toilet means a toilet made of about six to ten individual parts sculpted together to make one seamless block that encompasses the bowl and tank. The resulting product is a sleek, smooth unit that is devoid of crevices that may trap dirt and odors.

This design of toilet apart from having a look that’s wonderfully appealing to the eye gives you the peace of knowing you will not be having smells around your toilet area that you cannot locate because of crevices that hide dirt and odor.

Power Gravity Flushing System

A powerful flush can be the making or breaking factor for any good toilet. This is because it determines whether a material is effectively emptied from the bowl or not. Nothing can be more frustrating than a flushing system that still leaves material in the bowl.

The TOTO Ultimate Elongated One Piece Toilet has a power gravity flush that is quiet while at the same time giving a powerful to get rid of all the material that is in the bowl.

Fast Flush

Some toilets take too long for the bowl to refill, and this makes the period between one flush and another painfully long. This, in turn, means that the toilet cannot be used almost immediately which can be a bit annoying since the body doesn’t understand that the flushing system is slow and we need to wait.

This product has a flushing valve that is 3 inches wide which is conveniently 125 percent larger than conventional flush valves which are 2 inches wide.  This means the tank fills faster.

Wider Fully Glazed Trapway

The trapway determines how much material the toilet can get rid of at one go. A wide trapway can handle more material at one go thus guaranteeing the effectiveness of emptying the bowl. Aside from this is ensures no clogging occurs in the event of heavy material in the bowl. This product has a wide trapway that is 2 ½ inches wide apart from being fully glazed allowing to pass material and a lot of it at one go.

Friendly Measurement Specifications

Measurement specifications like the length, rim height, tank height, tank width make a toilet feel great and comfortable or just like any other everyday toilet. The TOTO Ultimate Elongated One Piece Toilet has the specifications that are made to make your toilet experience nice and unforgettable.

It is 28 inches long, has a bowl rim height of 14 ½ inches, seat height 15 inches, tank height of 27 ½ inches and tank width of 16 ½. Aside from all this, it is elongated for extra comfort.


  • Elongated for extra comfort
  • Wide fully glazed trapway
  • Sleek one piece toilet
  • Power Gravity flushing


  • You cannot turn off the soft close seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the water hook up to the toilet on the left side because that’s where ours connects

A: It’s on the left side as you face the stool.

Q: Is the top of the tank flat where a box of tissue would stay?

A: No the top has rounded edges.

Q: Is the washlet feature included on this toilet?

A: No, It does not include the washlet. You can order a washlet for the round toilet.

Final Verdict

To have a great brand toilet is not an easy task and to find one is an equally not easy search. However, with this product, you are guaranteed a product with a lot of time and thought dedicated.

It not only serves its basic functions but offers you great service on top of that. This is the product to have in your bathroom.

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