TOTO Ultramax Elongated Toilet Review

Usually, I’m very keen when it comes to cleanliness, and yes I don’t see it as a huge of a problem. Some of my friends even call me a clean-freak, so I always expect my house to be neat and clean all the time. And so should my toilet room too.

I can’t stand the site of having a toilet bowl that is stained since it’s so disgusting and so not my liking. That’s why I prefer the new Toto Ultramax elongated toilet piece since it gives me some of the best services that I need.

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Powerful Operation

Just like its name ultra max suggests, this amazing toilet piece is very powerful when it comes to its operation. And purchasing it means having very quick flushes with near-to-zero toilet clogging which in fact is pretty amazing.

The 2 1/8 inch toilet bowl also adds up the toilet performance giving an astonishing flushing performance which is very handy. The bowl also makes the water to freely flow while at the same time, it increases the water pressure making it possible to achieve a forceful flush which is usually effective.

Low Water Consumption

The toilet tank has a very low water consumption which is very economical. The tank takes up to 6 Lpf or 1.6 GPU which is much lesser compared to the old-model of toilet tanks.

Even though the tank has a low water consumption the siphon jet makes flushing very effective and powerful when it comes to its flushing performances. This is the sole reason as to why I prefer this toilet piece compared to other toilet piece brands.


It’s soft close seat gives me the comfort that I have always seek and together with a molded bumpers trust me all your worries will be covered completely.

Believe me when I tell you that you will never experience tiredness when sitting, plus it tries to eliminate the injury chances too. The soft close also matters since it is very quieter when opening or closing the toilet top lid, so one is guaranteed of satisfaction.

High-End Material

Talk of durable, high-end material, that’s why I totally recommend this amazing ultra max toilet piece. It’s constructed with a solid high-impact plastic that makes it very durable and reliable all the times.

It can give one enough service and purchasing it will never be a disappointment. The ultra max toilet piece is very reliable when it comes to giving individuals services which according to me is very necessary.

High Gloss Polypropylene

The ultra max toilet piece has a very sleek finish that makes the piece very easy to clean. The polypropylene is resistant to nearly all cleaning agents and chemicals so be guaranteed that those nasty stains on your toilet bowl will not occur at any given point which is fantastic.

Ever since I purchased this toilet piece my life is very smooth since the high gloss finish makes my toilet very easy to wash and in no time I’m done so those thorough scrubbing days are gone.


  • High gloss polypropylene.
  • High-end material.
  • Low water consumption.
  • Powerful operation.


  • A little bit expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the size of the flushing valve?

A: The flushing valve has a 2 inch when it comes to its wide.

Q: Does this toilet piece comes with a warranty?

A: Yes, this toilet piece comes with a five years limited warranty.

Q: What material is the piece made from?

A: The toilet piece is made of High gloss polypropylene material.

Final Verdict

Just a perfect toilet piece which requires a very limited space.  At just 28x 17 x 28 inches when it comes to its size dimensions which can fit any place regardless of whether it’s a big or a small house.

It has an extra huge siphon jet also provides enough energy that makes the toilet clean with just one flush.  It’s essential to ensure the toilet piece one is purchasing has a soft close which makes it easy to open and close. That’s why I recommend this toilet piece to any person since it’s a masterpiece of its own.

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