Toto UltraMax Universal Height Toilet Review

Sometimes you may feel that your toilet is making you irritated. You want to replace your current toilet with a new one as your previous one is not working perfectly. Considering all the circumstances I have go through several kinds of toilet reviews focusing on few major factors. Cleaning, clogging and staining all the factors come forward when I tried to choose the best one.

Toto UltraMax Universal Height Toilet


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When I have gone through the Toto Universal Height Toilet review, I have found something impressive. These kinds of toilet will provide you better and happy experience through a long time.

If you are tensed with cleaning, clogging and staining, I can assure you the better experience you have ever gained. You will not only get the fastest delivery but also you can install it in your house with fastest time.

It is a one piece toilet that will beautify your bathroom and make your installation easy. It will make your cleaning task easy comparing the two piece toilet.

Attached Compact Bowl

The toilet bowl is beautifully attached and compact. Most of you are conscious about germs and dirt. Compact bowl not only reduce the gap between the tank and the bowl but also it removes the dirt and germs that usually hide in many toilet. It will also keep you tension free from water leakages. It makes your toilet stronger and makes your cleaning activity easier than ever.

Compact bowl gives you more space in your small bathroom. With less space you will never get the thread of leaking. Usually two piece toilets sometimes make the leakage in bolts and gaskets but compact bowl will provide your more advantages.

Flush Engine

You will find completely unique flash engine in it. It has the super mechanism that makes your flashing experience better. The flash engine is made such a way so that it can consume more water in its tank. It can provide 1.28 gallons of water per flush. The water will flow from all the sides in the bowl and make it easy to clean the waste. The flush is easy and comfortable. You will be charmed when you will find its flushing power.

It has double cycle flushing system in its feature. So, it uses two powerful nozzles. If you want a powerful flushing system, you must have double cycle flushing system. It always makes a powerful centrifugal action.

It helps to clean thoroughly the rim and bowl per flush. The tornedo flush will make your toilet bowl shiner. It will not minimize the frequency of toilet cleanings but also it will minimize the use of water. It will also minimize the harsh chemicals and save your time for cleaning toilet.

Unique and Smart Design

Toto UltraMax Universal Height Toilet is designed wonderfully. It is designed such a way so that in a little space it is wonderfully fitted. The seat is so much comfortable. The design is capable to adjust all kinds of your bathroom. The installation is also easy. It will charm your eyes all the time with its beautiful color combination.

The Toto UltraMax Universal Height Toilet includes the fittings, chrome plated trip lever, tank cover, and SoftClose seat. You will not find any hole in the rim that will make your cleaning task easier. It will also provide you a seamless appearance. There is super-smooth SanaGloss glaze. It works to prevent the debris, mold and bacteria. The toilet is designed such a way so that it can comply with ADA regulations.


TOTO’s Universal Height will provide you comfortable height. As the height is in comfortable position, you will enjoy the comfortable seat position. The toilet is also followed the requirements standards for EPA WaterSense, and California’s CEC and CALGreen.

It has the TOTO SoftClose seat. You will find the crome trip lever at left-hand. The toilet features a smooth glaze of CEFIONTECT. It avoids the particles to be adhering to the ceramic of the toilet. That is the reason the seat bowl will shine more time.

Universal Height

Toto UltraMax Universal Height Toilet will provide you the perfect height. If you consider the kids, elderly or sick people, you will hardly find any problem with the height of the toilet. When you get the proper height, you can sit properly in the toilet seat.

The toilet is designed according to the universal height to provide the comfort when you sit in the seat of toilet. The flushing and the cleaning will not make any problem with the height of the toilet.


People love to use their beautiful things for a long time. Toto UltraMax Universal Height Toilet will never disappoint you. It is durable with it shining appearance. After using for a long time you will fell the new one as it glows. The most important thing is it will work effectively for a long time. So you never have to replace your toilet in near future after purchasing one.


  • One-Piece Elongated
  • Comfortable SoftClose seat
  • 4.8 Liter or 1.28 Gallon water per flush
  • Universal Height
  • Double Cyclone flushing system


  • Clogs and stains when not frequently cleaned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you clean Sanagloss with?

A: You can use a gel toilet bowl cleaner. Bleach and tank tablets will destroy the plastic.

Q:Does this toilet have tornado flush?

A: Yes, it has tornado flush. Double Cyclone flushing system will provide better flushing experiences.

Q: Is Toto UltraMax suitable for kids or elderly people?

A: Yes, the kids or elderly people can easily use it.

Final Verdict

People never love to replace their toilet in regular basis. So they love to have their toilet more durable, more efficient, more environments friendly. Toto UltraMax Universal Height Toilet is the perfect choice for those kinds of people.

It will not make your cleaning task or replacing tension heaver rather than it will save your water in every flush, provides you a comfortable height and seat and makes less dirt and germs. It can be perfectly set up in your small bathroom and beatify your bathroom decoration. You can’t but admire it after using it.

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