10 Weird Toilet Cleaning Hacks That Works Amazingly

People always love to use the clean and tidy toilet. So, the question always comes to their mind that how they can make as well as keep their toilet always clean and tidy. Are you also in the same kind of group of people who loves to keep their toilet always neat and clean?

Are you searching for any hacks that will work smoothly and keep your toilet cleaner than ever? Then this article is for you.  This article will provide you the best 10 wired toilet cleaning hacks that work and make your life simpler.

1. Use Coca-Cola As Cleanser

You may get surprised to see the word Coca-Cola as a cleanser as it is not good for our teeth. You may still be thinking that it might not work efficiently as a cleanser. For your kind consideration, you need to know that Coca-Cola works.

Although it is not good for our teeth, it is good as a cleanser. You can easily understand the matter when you will notice the elements that are used to make Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola contains carbon-di-oxide and carbonation and acids in the soda that dissolves toilet rust rings. So, you have to pour a full can on and around the rim of the toilet. Keep it for an hour or more to react with the acid and stains.

After soaking it in the bowl, you have to scrub the toilet with a right toilet brush. It will remove all the stains from the rim of the toilet. It works efficiently and it is one of our best 10 wired toilet cleaning hacks that works amazingly.

2. Vinegar And Baking Soda

Are you surprised to see vinegar and baking soda in our 10 wired toilet cleaning hacks list? Vinegar and baking soda have the cleaning power and it is one of the essential parts for the DIY cleaners as well. Many people love to choose bleach as a cleaner. But the combination of vinegar and baking soda is far safer and germs killer. If there are children in your home, it is more useful.

First, soak some vinegar and baking soda in a paper towel. Put the paper towel on the stained place and wait for a few hours. Then remove the towel and scrub the toilet with a toilet brush. You will see the magical power of vinegar and baking soda. ​

3. Pumice Stone

Are you still surprised by our list? Pumice stone is also on our list that may be unexpected to you. You need pumice stone, warm water for this hack. Make sure that the toilet surface is wet enough to avoid the scratches. Mix the pumice stone with warm water and with it scrub the toilet with a toilet brush. The toilet will shine more than ever.

4. Use Baby Oil

It will be interesting to you. Your toilet will be clean and shine by using baby oil. Just recheck the elements of the baby oil. The elements will kill the germs as well as shine your toilet. It will make your business easier by making your toilet spot-free.

After cleaning your toilet, use baby oil. It will make brighter to your toilet. Put some of the baby oil on the clean. Put some drops of baby oil to the toilet bowl as well. You have to buff it till it glitters. You will get the results in your hands. Hence it is one of our wired toilet cleaning hacks.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide

This time you are not surprised as most of us knows that hydrogen peroxide works effectively against germs. It is one of the best choices for you. It is safe to use. You all need to collect some hydrogen peroxide.

Put half a cup of hydrogen peroxide in the bowl of the toilet and wait for 30 minutes. During this short time, it will kill all the germs. After 30 minutes, just flush your toilet and have the germ free toilet to use.

6. Hot Water for Unclogging Pipes

We sometimes use hot water to clean our clothes. Have you ever think it to use in your toilet? Yes, it works nice. When you see a clogged toilet, it makes it uneasy for you. Sometimes you try your best but unfortunately, you are unsuccessful. You can use hot water and dish soap in the toilet. Pour them together in your toilet and the pipes will easily unclog.

7. Plastic Bottle to Save Water

If your toilet is not a low flow toilet, it will take more water for every flush. It will cost not only more water but also more money.  You can follow simple tricks to save water. Use a plastic bottle on the water tank of your toilet. Before putting it on the tank please fill it up with water. This time you can save water on every flush.

8. Nail Polish

Although it sounds weird, nail polish works for cleaning a toilet. You can use a bit clear nail polish to clean the hardware rust of your toilet. You have to pour some clear nail polish on the screw and let it dry. It will prevent rust from forming. Thus nail polish that is one of our 10 weird toilet clean hacks will help you to clean the hardware rust.

9. Fizzy Toilet Bomb

You can easily make the fizzy toilet bomb in your home although you can buy it from shops. You need some baking soda, citric acid and mix them. Drizzle some hydrogen peroxide and packed it tightly with silicone molds. A fizzy toilet bomb will quickly clean your toilet.

10. Borax and Vinegar for Underneath

We always ignored the underside area of the toilet rim. You need to be careful about this area. You can use borax and vinegar and keep it for several hours to remove mildew. When you will remove the lid, you won’t see and spots there anymore.


If you are conscious about your daily usage toilet, you will always try to keep it neat and clean. Hence, this article comes to you with the best 10 wired toilet cleaning hacks that work. It will not only help to make your toilet clean but also keep your toilet germs free.

This valuable information will make your life easier and give a quick solution for keeping your toilet shine and bright. You may feel strange to apply these tricks but it will come to you with beautiful results. These are easy and simple to apply and so much effective.

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